BSA-003 Savour Piano Trio 2019 Concert Kaohsiung

Kuan-Chang Du / Violin、Tzu-shan Chang / Cello, Tsu-hsin Pan / Piano


    Bedřich Smetana: Piano Trio in G Minor, Op.15

    Antonín Dvořák: Piano Trio No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 90 "Dumky"


Recording Gears:

    Matched pair of Schoeps MK2s + CMC6xt microphone

    Studer 962 Mixer

    Studer A807 MK II Tape Recorder

Recording Date: 9th March 2019

Venue: Kaohsiung Music Hall, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


ABout this recording

The recording equipments used in this album has been extensively modified to use discrete op amps to replace the integrated circuit op amps in the original circuit, so it has a wider frequency response, sharper response speed and more amazing transient dynamics. Because discrete OP amps need high operating current, the power supply of the mixing console and the tape recorder have been considerably improved.

In order to demonstrate the advantages of modern analog tape recording with large bandwidth and excellent transient response, the main microphone of the recording uses two paired German Schoeps CMC6XT2S omni-directional microphones with a bandwidth from 3Hz to 40KHz in linear! After the signal is amplified and mixed by the Swiss made Studer 962 analog mixer, then directly recorded into Studer A807 MK2 two-track tape recorder with Recording The Master SM911 tape.

In order for you to hear the most expressive recordings, the tape you get is a one-to-one, 1:1 copy from the original tape!


Violin, Kuan-Chang Du, holds a doctoral degree from University of Cincinnati. Mr. Du was the winner of Starling Scholarship Competition, CCM concerto competition and chamber music competition. He has been a very active violinist in Taiwan, and is now the principal player at Tainan City Symphony Orchestra , Benfang Music Studio and Savour Piano Trio. He also teaches at some schools including Tainan Girls' High School and Kaohsiung Boys' High School.

Cello, Tzu-shan Chang, received the Künstlerische Ausbildung from Hochschule für Musik Freiburg in 2011, study with Prof.Christoph Henkel. Also study with Prof. Stephan Forck, Prof.Markus Niykos ,Prof.Maria Kliegel, Prof.Berhard Gmelin and Prof.László Fenyö.

Piano, Tsu-hsin Pan, Russian pianist Anatol Ugorski described Pan's performance: his performance is outstanding,.The delicate touch and plenty of musical colors, infect everyone… In 2001, Pan, Tsu-hsin obtained a master degree in piano playing from Kammermuzik Saal in Köln, Germany. During the study in Köln, he was awarded a music young artist of the German Rhein Philharmonic Chamber Music Group ,who was invited to perform at Duesseldorf Johanneskirche Bach Saal, as well as at Lichtwark Saal in Hamburg for the inauguration of President.He was also a frequent guest performer of Leipzig City Hall.

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Original Recording Format: 1/4 inch, 15 IPS CCIR EQ, RMGi SM911 tape with Studer A807 MK2 Tape Recorder

Available Open reel format: 1/4 inch, 15 IPS CCIR EQ tape


Quantity:Limited 20 copied


    Bedřich Smetana: Piano Trio in G Minor, Op.15 (ca. 27 mins)

       15 IPS CCIR EQ Metal reel: USD 280


    Antonín Dvořák: Piano Trio No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 90 "Dumky" (ca. 30 mins)

       15 IPS CCIR EQ Metal reel: USD 299


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