Bel Canto Musicale

From the love of Music


  Founded in 2007, Bel Canto Musicale is Taiwan's independent classical music label. The aim is to "pursue the beauty of the music". Despite the decline in traditional record sales, Bel Canto Musicale still keep the same serious production process as in the golden age of sound recording. We hope to make an album you want hear again and again, hope listener can feel the beauty of the music. We already have 13 CD titles now, 2 Golden Melody Awards of Taiwan and 14 times nomination. Beside Digital release, from 2018, we start to release recording in analogue open reel tape, also limited copy of pure analogue live recording Sasimi series open reel tape. Open reel is very expensive, but it is one of the best audio format you can get! He hope you can really enjoy every detail of the beauty of music when you hear out CD or analogue open reel tape.


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