About Sasimi Series Open Reel Tapes

   From 2015, Bel Canto Musicale start using analogue recording system in recording chain. Since produce project recording hardly avoided digital editing process. For the best sound quality, we have Sasimi series live recording open reel tapes. We looking for good live performance, good concert hall, and use good recording gears ensure the shortest signal path from stage to your audio system. The tapes you get is directly 1:1 and one by one copy from original recording tapes without any post-produce (except musician ask to do some modify). That is why we named it Sasimi series! We do out best let you hear the most pure music, it should "raw" and "fresh" just as it should be! You can hear it real, and hear it fresh!

   It's hardly everything perfect in live concert recording. Maybe some wrong notes. But also some very magic moments. Just like our life! You can hear the nervous of musician at the beginning, and also music finally catch audience's hart. It's the beauty of live concert that produce project hardly beat!



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